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Eng. Sameh Youssef have been working in the field since 1980. He started the company as a supplier for brazing rods for Egypt's largest Air Conditioner manufacturers. Later the company started supplying oxyfuel equipment as well which includes brazing torches, gas regulators and cutting equipment.

In the early 2000s the company started to supply welding machine and welding consumables for the heavy steel producers. The company also provides after sales service in its workshop in Badr City close to the new Capital.

In the same period the company started supplying CNC thermal cutting machines (oxyfuel, plasma & laser) from the German company Messer Cutting Systems. It also provides cutting, heating, welding and brazing equipment with all the technical support and/or training when needed.

The company's aim is not only to provide the highest quality products with the best prices but more importantly to provide the best technical support possible from the choice of the best alloys for brazing or welding to choosing the most suitable CNC machines with the best equipment for the customer's application.

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