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Oxyfyel equipment includes a variety of choices for many application. Some applications including Cutting, Heating, Brazing and Welding. While the equipment includes Gas regulators, Flashback Arrestors, Gas Hoses, Torches and their nozzles for cutting, heating or brazing for different sizes starting from 0.2 mm to 700 mm

CNC machines are a big investment for all companies and they have to make sure they are high quality, reliable and Heavy Duty and that is exactly what Messer Cutting Systems offer.

They can also be equipped with different torches or different equipment to suit you application from OxyFuel, Plasma, Laser, Marking or even Drilling and Taping tools while every torch can be Bevel to cut with angles up to 55 degrees.

With every cutting system with different technology the company covers cutting thicknesses between    1 mm and 2800 mm!

Copper Brazing

We offer all types of Copper Brazing alloys from 0% silver to more than 50% depending on your applications. There are Copper/Phosphorus alloy such as 0%, 2% and 5% with nanotechnology for the best alloy distribution. There also 20%, 25%, 30% and 34% alloy with or without Cadmium. Alloy can come as wire or rod, flux coated or flux cored.

Aluminium Alloys