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Messer is one of Europe's largest family owned businesses. The company is part of Messer Group which owns many other companies in the industrial field. The company's headquarters is near Frankfurt, Germany and the company has production lines in Germany, United States, Brazil, China and India.

The company offers solution for different industries with large heavy duty cutting systems with one or more thermal cutting process. Almost every shipbuilding in the world has a Messer cutting system.

The company also produces cutting, welding and heating equipment and also heating system by their specialized GRIFLAM department.

Messer Headquarters.png

CNC cutting machine

Messer Cutting Systems offers a wide range of CNC cutting machine with different sizes and with three different thermal cutting Processes to suit your application.

Machines sizes varies from 1.5 m x 3 m to practically unlimited cutting area.

Cutting technologies also can be with Oxyfuel, Plasma or Laser. Accessories for Drilling, tapping, marking and scarfing are also available.


Oxyfuel Equipment

Messer's Oxyfuel Business Unit produces the highest quality gas equipment for many markets around the world.

Oxyfuel Equipment include Gas regulators, Flashback Arrestors, Cutting Torches, Welding Torches, Heating systems and many more.

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