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We represent some of the world's best suppliers in the welding, cutting and brazing fields.
They only provide high quality products and we accomplish that we excellent after sales service.

Messer Cutting Systems

Messer company has been working in producing cutting solution since 1898. Now they are building CNC cutting systems with oxyfuel, Plasma or Laser torches. They also have big variety of equipment for brazing, cutting and heating.

SLTL Group

SLTL Group is India's largest technology driven group of companies, It's expands professional solutions with a wide range of laser systems such as: Fiber Laser Cutting Machines,  Fiber or CO2 Laser Engraving Machines and Laser Welding Machines.


Siderweld is a large Italian welding wire producer. They are the largest producer in Europe and they manage to provide the best wire quality with the best prices.

Pietro Galliani Brazing S.P.A

Pietro Galliani Brazing is currently Italy's largest brazing rods producer. The company's production range ranges from Copper/Phosphorus, Copper/Silver and aluminium alloys and their fluxes

Fidat welding and brazing alloys

Fidat is an Italian company specialized in the production of Aluminium alloy for brazing and welding with all different sizes and shapes demanded by the customer, rods, spools or even drums.


Kuhtreiber is a Czech, Europe, welding machines manufacturer, they are one of few companies in the world that combines good quality with good price and we do our best to offer good after sales service for any of those machines.


Oweld is strong company building hydrogen gas generator based in Italy. Those gas generators are used for brazing without the dangers of Oxygen and Acetylene cylinders, you only need water and electricity.

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